We lived our Ordinary Lives (video)


video, 19 min, 2012

How does one transform during wartime? In the film childhood memories of the siege of Sarajevo are combined with excerpts from guilty pleas from the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia. By asking a moslim girl that lived through the war, now in her early 20s, the same questions about her sense of belonging before, during and after the war, the film shows the transformation people go through during civil war. Without ever mentioning the actual context, the war becomes the real protagonist. As an unsettling immersion in the anomalies of our contemporary world, the film traces the painful way in which a human being may forever lose its trust in humanity.

This film was kindly supported by the Mondriaan Foundation, the Dutch Filmfund and Stichting Democratie en Media

3 min excerpt of 19 min video

Director               Daya Cahen

Editor                   Daya Cahen

Camera                Daya Cahen

Sound                  Daya Cahen

Soundmix           De Auditieve Dienst / Arnoud Traa

Fixer Sarajevo    Vildana Drljevic

Cast                      Latifa Imamovic