We lived our Ordinary Lives (audio)


Audio installation with 5 synchronized speakers

5 min loop, 2011

In the sound piece We lived our Ordinary Lives excerpts from the statements of guilt from the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia are made into a sound-composition.

You hear the perpetrators apologize for their crimes and at the same time make excuses. “I was young, I just lost a child, alcohol influenced my actions”. The voices, coming from 5 different speakers, placed in different locations, tumble over eachother and form a collective voice of guilt. It emphasizes the position of the individual within the masses, which plays an important role in all Daya Cahen’s work.

The sound composition is also part of a videowork with the same title (2012)

Installation view exhibition 'You are all individuals', Castrum Peregrini, Amsterdam, NL

audio installation with 5 speakers, placed in the cellar of a former WO II hiding place in Amsterdam

 View a video about the exhibition 'You are all individuals' and the audio installation here. Curated by Nina Folkersma

Video made by Goran Baba Ali, Ex Ponto Magazine

Installation view, 'The Glorious rise and fall (and so on...), KW14, voormalig ziekenhuis, Den Bosch